About Heart & Hand

Creating Beautiful Kitchens Throughout Ireland

For over 40 years, Heart & Hand has been helping Co. Kerry transform their kitchens.

From creating beautiful units boasting handmade joinery to helping you select your dream German kitchen, their architectural approach to design has simplified the process for you, making it as enjoyable as it should be. Whether you’ve visualised your new kitchen being the thriving hub of the house or are dreaming of a welcoming atmosphere perfect for spending quality time with your family, our team is ready to help.


Heart & Hand has rapidly transformed since being established over 40 years ago. From supplying some of the biggest manufacturers in the business with our bespoke cabinetry to today, where we position ourselves as a design studio ready to help transform what is arguably the most important room in your home; you can feel assured in your decision to work collaboratively with us. Amongst our team, we have over 80 years’ experience within the industry, so you can best believe we have overcome many obstacles along the way. From difficult floor plans to integrated new technology, let our expertise put your mind at ease as we embark on your kitchen renovation journey together.


Working collaboratively every step of the way ensures that your final product is nothing short of perfection. Having built a rapport with you, it allows us to dive deeper into what you really want out of your new kitchen. From colour palettes to worktop selections, we like you to get involved as much as possible.


We believe that when it comes to buying a new kitchen or renovating your home, people buy from people. No matter how large your project is, having a friendly face to talk over changes with or to help reassure you makes a humungous difference, and we’d like to think that our team offer you just that. Our approach means that we’re never be condescending, whether you have a question about our installation services or various appliances, as we take great care in nurturing our connections with clients. Here at Heart & Hand, our team have also developed strong bonds with one another which allows their personalities to shine through. As a result, we hope that we have created a hospitable atmosphere.